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Goddess Durga Mata

Goddess Durga has taught us that power is independent and responsibility has to be taken for it. The inspiring life of Maa Durga has empowered millions of people. so you can apply these things of mother in your life, and you will become a great person.

Beautiful Durga Mata Images And Wallpapers

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Durga Mata is depicted as a goddess riding a lion or tiger with multiple arms, each carrying a weapon, often defeating the Mahishasura buffalo demon.

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durga maa images

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The three main forms of worship of Durga are Maha Durga, Chandika and Aparajita.

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Of these, Chandika has two forms, Chandi and Chamunda, a form of Kali created by the goddess to kill Chanda and Munda.

durga maa images beautiful
durga devi images

durga devi images

Maha Durga has three forms: Ugrichand, Bhadrakali and Katyayani. Katyayani Durga is also worshiped as one of her nine avatars called Navadurga.

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durga goddess images

durga goddess images

Durga identified a main and popular form of the Hindu goddess Parvati. She is the warrior form of the Goddess of War, Parvati, whose legend is to deal with evil and demonic forces that endanger peace, prosperity, and religion.

durga puja images
images for durga puja

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Durga is also an avid form of defensive goddess mother, who unleashes her divine wrath against the wicked for the liberation of Din, and empowers her for destruction.

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