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Story of the origin of maa Durga

Mother Durga’s face is made with the glory of Lord Shiva.

Mahadev, the God of gods, became the mother’s face with the glory of Shiva Shankar,

the arms of Shri Hari Vishnu, the glory of Brahma became the feet of both mothers.

gods sharp

Yamraj’s sharp forehead hair, Moon’s sharp breasts, Indra’s sharp waist, Varuna’s sharp thighs, Earth’s sharp buttocks, Sun’s sharp fingers both fingers, Pratap’s sharp teeth, all of Agni’s teeth.

Tej both became visually impaired, Sandhya’s sharp eyebrow, Vayu’s sharp ears, and the other gods’ shining made different parts of the goddess.

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Nature of durga maa

Maa Durga received divine clothes, a shining necklace, hand bracelets, foot nupur, two coils, and fingers that were never broken by the sea. Mata Durga wore all these weapons and other items in her 18 arms.

This great and magnificent form of Maa Durga was going to create fear among the Asuras. Maa Durga has the powers of all the gods. There is no other powerful like him, he has immense power, there is no end to those powers, so he is called Adishakti.

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