Rangoli images for Diwali | Download for free 2020

Rangoli images for Diwali

Rangoli images for Diwali in hd quality. you can easily download the best rangoli images for your home decoration.

on the day of Diwali as well as on other festivals or celebrations.

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types of rangoli

3 flower rangoli

This is also a very beautiful way of making Rangoli. There is nothing more beautiful in the world than flowers.

When Rangoli is made using these colorful flowers and petals, it not only looks beautiful to the eyes, but its fragrance also makes your mind feel its beauty.

This type of Rangoli is made exclusively in South India and is now practiced everywhere.

Oil rangoli

Yes, Rangoli is also made by oily colors and normal hard colors, which last for a long time.

There is no need to make it again and again.

And you can use as many colors as you want for it. With the help of a straight brush, you can make it into the desired shape on the patio, floor, or where you want it.

Rangoli made of artificial mold

This Rangoli is made from different shapes and patterns available in the market, for which you do not have to work hard by hand.

Rangoli can be engraved as per your picture by filling it in the mold.

In this, the colors are spread evenly over the ground through a sieve, then shapes are made using white rangoli with the help of molds or impressions.

This rangoli will be easy to make for you and will also save time.

Natural rangoli

If you do not want to use the rangoli you find in the market, you can make natural rangoli at home and make shapes.

For this, you can color semolina and rice flour in different colors at home. In addition, turmeric, lentils, and gram flour can be used.

Deepak Rangoli

This Rangoli adorned with many lamps and flower petals in the verandah or large courtyard of the house look very attractive.

Especially on the night of Deepawali, this Rangoli is made, which brightens the whole atmosphere and smells at the same time.

You can also use scented lamps for this.

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